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What is FLIPnetwork?

  • FLIPnetwork is a revolutionary new concept in the real estate investment industry. FLIPnetwork was created from a background in real estate investing to facilitate investment deals within the investment community. The idea behind FLIPnetwork is to streamline your business model by helping you find the missing piece(s) of your transaction. Are you a wholesaler looking to sell a property? A rehabber looking for your next opportunity? A private money lender looking to put your money to work for you? FLIPnetwork can help in each of these scenarios. FLIPnetwork has intently focused on the best way to fully integrate not only the local, but the national investment community as well. Come see what all of the FLIPn fuss is about! 

How can FLIPnetwork benefit me as a Wholesaler?

  • With an active role in real estate and investing for over 15 years, FLIPnetwork's founder quickly realized that there had to be a better way to market properties to local investors. Have you ever offered a co-wholesale fee to another wholesaler for bringing a buyer for your deal? At FLIPnetwork, we have; and guess what it is costly! Is it better to receive half of a wholesale fee than no wholesale fee at all; sure it is! What if there was a way to reach out to large groups of local investors without the necessity of paying co-wholesaling fees? Wouldn't that increase your profits and save a ton of money in the long run? As a wholesaler utilizing FLIPnetwork you have the opportunity to list your properties, which are accessible to our member base, for search capacity so that our members can contact you directly when they would like additional information or just want to submit an offer! Bandit signs beware - FLIPnetwork is coming to clean up the street corners of this town!

I am a rehabber. How is FLIPnetwork going to help me?

  • Are you looking to launch your next rehab? Money lined up but nowhere to put it? With FLIPnetwork you have full access to our nationwide database of properties that meet predetermined investment specific criteria. Yes, that’s correct, we said ‘investment specific criteria’. This means that in one place you can search for local properties available on some public platforms as well as inventory only being marketed in a local capacity by FLIPnetwork wholesalers. This can all be done within one location! Do you believe that you are on everyone’s buyer’s list in town? Or is there a possibility that the next great deal is going to pass you by because there is one wholesaler out there that you haven't met yet but has an incredible deal? FLIPnetwork was created as a one stop portal for you to view all of the local inventory offered for sale by local network wholesalers.

Why cant my local real estate agent just find FLIPnetwork properties for me?

  • Simply put: they can find some of them. However, think about this for a minute, how many other buyers is your local agent working with? Certainly you are not the only person they represent. What does this mean? It means that there is a very real possibility that they may miss out on great deals all of the time just because they dont have enough time to scour all of the local deals based on the criteria that you are looking for. In addition, how do you know that if your local agent finds a great deal they may not just pick it up for themselves? The truth is there are some really great agents out there but they are only human as well. This means that they only have the same 24 hours in a day that all of us do. When the best deals become available in your market you need to be at the front of the line so you dont miss out. FLIPnetwork is here to help you with that!
  • FLIPnetwork also offers deals to nationwide investors that are only being offered by local wholesalers in your market. Chances are that your real estate agent is not properly networked with all of the wholesalers in your marketplace. This is the true value of leveraging FLIPnetwork and its members; find properties that are available but not actually on the traditional market in addition to those that others just dont have the time to discover!

FLIPnetwork this is great but I only want to lend money to investors….?

  • GREAT! Guess how many new friends you are going to have as soon as you start posting that you have funds available in your local market. FLIPnetwork members would love to help you place your funds in investment specific deals that meet your cirteria. Yes, you read that correctly - your criteria. FLIPnetwork gives our private money members the opportunity to outline their own terms and parameters for potential borrowers before you even have to speak with that borrower. Would it streamline your business model if you only followed up on leads that met exactly what you were looking to fund? Wait, we already know the answer!

What is FLIPnetwork’ing?

  • FLIPnetwork embraces the philosophy that we are all going to become more successful as a group of individuals than we would ever be if we are working individually. FLIPnetwork offers localized networking and mastermind events in specific targeted markets in the US. These events offer the opportunity to network with other professionals in your area that are actually making things happen! Our networking events usually center around the group, performing mastermind style sessions as well, so that we can all help pull each other up as we become more successful. FLIPnetwork focuses on quality over quantity. We believe in bringing together the people who are looking to get to the next level regardless of what level you are currently working in. If one of our events is available in your area, dont hesitate to join us. The FLIPnetwork testimonials should speak for themselves! Take a look if you havent already done so.

But wait FLIPnetwork; there’s more??

  • FLIPnetwork is just getting started. We have so many things in the works that as a loyal member you are going to be blown away with the additional features and benefits that will be introduced as we roll them out in the near future. As a current FLIPnetwork member things are only going to get better! Now is the time to lock in your pricing to be grandfathered in when we add new features. We all know what they say ‘you get what you pay for’. So, as FLIPnetwork grows, chances are so will our membership fees. Hurry up today and become the newest member of the FLIPnetwork family and see how much easier real estate investing is about to become!

FLIPnetwork says Pay Attention!! Here is the best part…..

  • Check out our website today and take it for a free test drive. Yes, you read that correctly - I said a free test drive. Don't get too excited yet, you're not taking your fancy new toy on a cross country voyage, you are just going to take it for a quick spin around the block! When you get to you can run a preliminary search on our main page to determine how many properties are in your local marketplace - just to prove that we have something to offer to you!